Thoughts about 23. September

We should live a rich, fulfilling life. Filled with soul, spirit and body. As well as being happy and happy in the fullness of our strength.

We can do this as soon as we take the right path. Unfortunately, not everyone accepts God's gift of a rich life by offering us all so freely. Unfortunately, not everyone reaches out for it. The most delicious gift that God has to give is that of a fulfilled life. And yet people often turn away from it; with some respect but he turns away.


In a year through the Bible

Old Testament

Isaiah 41,8 - 29 and Isaiah 42,1 - 25 to Isaiah 43,1 - 7

Psalm 68,20 - 35

Bible wisdom: Proverbs 24,5 - 6

New Testament

Ephesians 2,1 - 22